WJR 2016 Location Announcement


PAJR 2016 Location Announcement


Thank you

Thank you for making this year’s competitions and camps a resounding success.  Between the Pan American Championship and Camp (Orlando) and the World Jump Rope Championship and Camp (Paris), more than 1000 jumpers from 26 countries came together to compete, learn, and teach.  Between our two events we’ve seen records broken, performances that wowed the world,  and a spirit of international collaboration undeterred by language and cultural barriers.  All of this would not be possible without the dedication of the athletes, the selfless volunteering of our judges and workers, and, of course, the FFDD and JDDA.  We are truly inspired and cannot wait to do it again. Until next year!

2015 WJR Championship Recap



Coming soon!

2015 Pan American Recap



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Station Videos

Watch your routines on our YouTube channel!  Please note, audio is not available for our station videos.


WJRF Announces Championship & Camp 2016 Location

Check out the video to learn the location of the 2016 World Jump Rope Championship & Camp.  

“How Do you Jump Rope?” Video Contest

“How do you jump rope?” Jump Rope Video Contest Create a 45­60 second video that shows the world your jump rope talents, your creativity, and your unique approach to jumping rope. Make it fun. Make it something you’ve never seen before. And make sure it includes jumping

2015 Competition Changes (Rulebook & Handbook Now Available)

2015 WJRF COMPETITION RULE BOOK 2015 WJRF JUDGING HANDBOOK CHANGES FOR 2015  After evaluating our age divisions, freestyle events, and judging panels at the 2014 World Jump Rope Championship, we have made a few changes for our 2015 World Jump Rope Championship and Pan American Championship. These changes

WJRCC 2015 Hotel & Transportation Information

Hotel Booking Information DOWNLOAD: Hotel Booking conditions WJR 2015 Paris The link(s) to reserve hotel rooms for the 2015 World Jump Rope in Paris  is now live. Book your hotel today! 1. For a list of all available hotels, please use the following link:          

Kenyan kids jump across the world

When she first picked up a jump-rope, at age 11, Beryl Atieno was just another young girl in Kibera, Nairobi’s notorious slum. Her horizon didn’t extend far past its mud-slick streets and jagged patchwork of rusting rooftops.