Asia-pacific Jump Rope Federation is recognized as continental member by the SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters. In September 2015, the executive committee of the SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarter has recognized the Asia-Pacific Jump Rope Federation as the only Jump Rope official administrative organization within the Asia-Pacific region.
Asia-Pacific Jump Rope Federation is a non-profit Jump Rope organization. It aims to promote sport of Jump Rope within the Asia-Pacific region. It has recognized by the Sport Accord Asia-Pacific Headquarter as an official Jump Rope organization since the September 2015. Jump Rope has been included into one of the official sports in the world.
The Sport Accord Asia-Pacific Headquarter is responsible for the distribution of the certificates and is also accredited by the Sport Accord. At the present, Sport Accord is working closely with the International Olympics Committee on the administration of the Olympics and non-Olympics events organizations.
At present, the Sport Accord has a total of 106 Olympics and non-Olympics members, including the FIFA, FIBA, FINA, IGF, FIG, IJF etc. Headquarter of the Sport Accord and the IOC are both located in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Honorable Guests:
1) Mr. Li Chi Kung, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Jump Rope Federation
2) Mr. Naruep Jukping, Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Jump Rope Federation
3) Mr.Shuan Hamilton, Chairman of the World Jump Rope Federation
4) Mr.Chong Shing Hum , Honorable president of the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’& Exporters’ Association