See the Pink Panthers on the Steve Harvey Show


Famed comedian, game show host, best selling author and TV show host Mr. Steve Harvey invited the Pink Panthers Double Dutch Team to perform on his TV show in Chicago mid December in 2012.  For many teams the honor of performing  jump rope for a national television audience would have been enough.  However, Mr. Harvey surprised the Pink Panthers and gave them an early Holiday present in the form of a $15,000 check from Hillshire Brands.  We asked Pink Panther’s Head Coach and Founder Joyce Dickerson what was going through her mind when she was presented the check?  She simply stated, “Shock and pure joy”.  That shock and joy moved her to tears as she reflected on what the funds will do for her program.

The Pink Panthers Double Dutch Team provides their south suburbia of Chicago, Illinois community with an elite jump rope youth sports program. The Pink Panthers serves more than 40 participants in the sport of jump rope since September of 2004 ranging from kindergarten through high school.  Their mission is simple…to develop youth physically and mentally through the sport of jump rope. Pink Panthers are proud to boast their 100% high school graduation rate with all jumpers attending major universities. The funds will help expand her program and give more youth in her community the chance to participate the sport of jump rope.

Congratulations to the Pink Panthers !!!

Pink Panthers w/ Steve Harvey

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