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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF). For over 40 years the sport of jump rope has enriched and impacted many lives around the globe through it’s exciting exhibitions, workshops, camps and competitions. During that time our sport has experienced growth and expansion that has lead our sport to its current state. WJRF is excited to help chart the future of our sport while honoring the past. We are excited to offer established and aspiring National Jump Rope/Rope Skipping Organizations membership to the World Jump Rope Federation that will result in continued growth and expansion of our sport.
Whether your organization has been established for some time, or your organization is just beginning, WJRF has a membership level for you. Our goal is to assist your jump rope organization to maximize the potential of the sport of jump rope in your country.  This is accomplished through continued dialogue and a close working relationship with your organization’s leadership and athletes.
By joining WJRF, your organization will be exposed to the latest developments and best practices of all sports including the sport of jump rope. Your organization will benefit from the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere and the many educational, competitive and networking opportunities WJRF has to offer.
Upon completion of the application, your organization will be assessed  and a level of membership will be determined. A certificate will then be presented to the organization based upon this level.  Below are the levels of membership. 
• Level 1 (WJRF Provisional Membership)
• Level 2 (WJRF Full Membership) 

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