WJRF Competition Rule Book

 WJRF Judging Handbook

Arnold Jump Rope Competition Rulebook

NOTE:  The English translation is the most complete and will be the point of reference in the case of a discrepancy

Competition Rulebook Important Notes

These rules were incorporated in 2017 and are noted here for your information.

1) ALL JUDGES INTENDING TO JUDGE AT THE PAN AMERICAN AND WJRF CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND A JUDGES TRAINING COURSE THIS COMING YEAR. If your team is interested in hosting a training, or you have someone that would like to become a judges trainer, please contact Monica Foster or Jessica Nicholson at: valerie@worldjumprope.org and jessica@worldjumprope.org.

2) MUSIC ERROR – If the wrong music is played for an athlete’s routine, the athlete must stop immediately and notify the Tournament Director. If an athlete chooses to compete with the wrong music playing, they will not be given a re-jump.

3) JEWELRY – Jewelry can be worn at the athlete’s discretion. All jewelry should be securely fastened. If jewelry falls off and enters another competitor’s station, a space violation will be given.

4) QUALIFYING FOR FINALS – The top 2 freestyles from the Novice/Junior division events will no longer automatically qualify for the Finals. If a Junior or Novice competitor would like to attempt to qualify for Finals, they must compete in the 16 & Under Senior Freestyle division. The top 6 speed scores from each event, across all age divisions, will qualify for finals.

5) IDENTIFICATION VERIFICATION PROCESS – Each competitor will need to provide a valid form of identification at a WJRF sanctioned event. A valid form of ID may include a birth certificate, drivers license, passport, or government issued ID. Forms of ID will be verified at registration check-in with the coach or team representative.

6) CREDENTIALS VERIFICATION PROCESS – Each competitor will need to show their WJRF credentials to the head judge, or floor manager, before competing in an event. Credentials can then be given to a support person or placed in the support box. Credentials are not to be worn during the event.